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I have found a web site listing some sites for free dental care.  You'll need to check if any of them are close enough to try.

Another idea - medical schools sometimes offer free medical care to those who volunteer to be treated by their students, although seldom with help for transportation costs.  You could check if there's one close enough for this to be useful, which trains dentists.

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I know teeth problems to like my friend postivethoughts. Check here for my blog to find a free dental clinic put in remoteareamedical and see if they are due in your state too for free dental.

Good luck

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Hello,  I know how painful this is for I too am going through tooth trouble.  I don't know the area you are from but I googled to find dentist that do for free.  I have found  They are dentist that provide maybe once a year for one day only free service.  Hope there is one event coming up in your area.  If not then try on starshine blog and getfreedental and schmidty may have something.  If you go to the right and look at aidpage contibutors just click on their name and it should take you to their blog.

Hope this helps and am wishing you all the best.

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